The Astrology Of Attraction

I planned to use a mechanical level indicator (three bucks from Harbor Freight) for altitude. No. The altitude indicator was a bit of a pain. Once I had the numbers, I wheeled the scope ‘round to the indicated azimuth, and, recovering my reading glasses, carefully set-in the correct altitude. I’d covered the computer end, bought a couple of cheap altitude angle indicators, and printed out the az circles for our scopes. Due to the geometry of the situation, performance with alt-azimuth circles on an off-level scope gets worse and worse the closer you get to zenith. I didn’t see any way I could get the scope even close to being level. All that remained was to equip the scope with circles. Now it was up to Pat to figure out how to mount the azimuth circles on our Dobsonians’ bases. There were plenty of good ideas on the subject of making and using Dob circles from lots of nice CNers, but my salvation was thanks to Rob Willett.

I had heard there were already quite a few astro apps available for the thing, and our cell service was already with ATT. Unk has access to a large plotter, but a print shop (Kinkos, etc.) will print you one for just a few dollars. The moon, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt beyond Mars that we want to mine for resources will all need mapping, along with everything else in those regions of space. I need to study more on the universe! It’s got a big screen and more memory than the iPhone and runs the same applications.” Hmm. Eventually it was time, and I inserted the 13-mm Ethos, fired up SkyVoyager, and poked my finger at M3 on the screen. The screen was easy for me to read. Oh, well. A miss is as good as a mile, and I smooshed the rocker box into the grass as best I could and kept on trucking.

A good refractor can allow you to see the best of the heavens, in the comfort of your own home or in your backyard. A good thing if you, like me, live were the dew is more like rain. That’s not all bad, since it means you can get Palms and PPCs more than powerful enough to run astronomy programs for a song on eBay for chump change. Oh, you can still get mobile phones that run the Palm OS (the heavily advertised new Palm Pre will not run the programs we’re discussing here) and the Microsoft equivalent, but the no-phone-PDA is an endangered species. Voice modulation and sound frequency is very important qualities an astrologer require since it is very important to make the listener feel comfortable so that they know they can confine to the speaker. And finally we know that life without money is worthless. The actual Far eastern astrology is actually occasion focused; they will let you know exactly what occurred previously as well as what is going to occur later on along with a lot greater precision.

Anyhow, I began to seriously consider whether I should open my wallet and let a couple hundred dollar bills fly out. They will also laminate it for another couple of bucks. While SkyVoyager v1.2 is still pretty early in its development cycle, it’s impressive even so, and I am sure it will only get better. Firstly, while some are better than others, the screens on most PDAs are real small. Then it seemed like it took forever to get dark enough to try for a real target. In general, inviting students to observe a part of Mercury’s approximately 5.5-hour journey across the sun’s face was a way to get the kids to touch, do and feel. If you’re ever wondered why you tend to leave when relationships get tough or why you feel happier when you’re not in a relationship, it’s likely written in your natal chart. Astrology caters solution to many streams or aspects like health, family, relationship, business and career prediction. They are friendly, compassionate, and mostly optimistic although they tend to be greatly influenced by external influences and as such often feel “out of control” or like slaves to circumstance. An extensive study examining 60,000 unnatural deaths revealed that a person’s astrological sign not only effects the way they live, it also influences the way they might die.