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So this relationship started in a very light, playful, communicative, information rich energy of Gemini, but in just over 3 months, they start a new phase of Cancer which is connected to both 7th and 8th houses. The moon, in 7th house of Gemini is hungry for a communicative,info rich, playful, variety filled relationship. The natal composite chart between two people is like a blue-print of the energy of the relationship in the biggest, most wide perspective possible- the fullest potential and shows what the over-all purpose of the relationship is for. At the moment that planets in paran transit the angles, they are in a mundane aspect, but otherwise they are only in a potential mundane aspect. This relationship full moon on the important axis of the 1st and 7th house is a very powerful aspect bringing the relationship consciousness and enlightenment about each-other. If we want to track the progress and what will change in the near future for the relationship, then we look at what aspect the moon will make next. There are generally about 16 of them, and participants are expected to research the characteristics that make them unique and relevant. Is there any truth to this rumor?

Finally, there will be a lot of focus on social interests, aspirations and original projects in the last week of the month. Technological advancements are putting a lot of people out of jobs, yet, it helps a.p’s and astronomers to further enhance research. They were obsessed with finding out what made the heavens move and also how their movement affected humans on earth. “ Things are beginning to move into action now as adrenaline fuels your system. So, in regards to relationships, it would make sense then to find the midpoints between these progressed energies in the people, and what relationship energy is formed right now in this moment of time, when they are together. Now let me create a bi-wheel that shows the natal composite on the inside wheel and the progressed composite on the outside wheel. This couple met and started a relationship when the progressed moon entered their progressed 7th house of partnership forming a “full moon” because of the progressed sun about to Rise opposite the moon. However, if the couple knew that this was just a temporary negative phase for 2 or 3 years and would change once again after these lessons were brought to them, they might stay together and work it out.

However, the relationship astrology technique i’m going to show you here is about analyzing the relationship itself, and not the connection or chemistry between the two individuals. However, long before the stroke threaten her health, Al Capone threatened her life. All of my life I have written: I’m a writer – which fits: Mercury is about communication and Saturn is the first place we look to find information on career. This shows where a person is at in life relative to where they were at birth, and how far their energies have evolved and matured with experience over time. According to Zerner and Farber, when people born under a Fixed sign have their eye set on a specific goal, they’ll make a plan, figure out how to achieve that goal, and will be very resistant to changing course. Of course the other planets tell more of the story as well. The current purpose of the union (sun) is to unite and bring focus to each other, while helping each other gain more consciousness.

It’s showing the big picture view and purpose which the sun is the indicator of that purpose and focus of the connection. Before i get into my most trusted technique i will say it’s important to analyze each individual chart as a person first, before understanding the two people in a connection. This chart is valid between the two people from the time they are born until they die, it never changes. Remember, the natal composite chart is showing the full story no matter what point in time the couple meet. Venus shows what the couple desires when together, what they value, are attracted to, etc. Mercury- how they communicate when together. Now, let’s say this couple has just met for the first time a year ago. But there is also other indications of what brought them together for the first time a year ago, but this would be a very long post if i explained every single detail.

The composite progressed sun moves 1 degree a year. That’s the difference between a natal composite chart and the progressed composite chart; the progressed composite does change, always, never fixed in place. A progressed composite chart (my main technique ) is when you progress each individual natal chart to the current moment in time. So, first you look at the sign and energy the progressed composite moon is in. You can see their natal relationship moon is at 2 degrees Aquarius in the 3rd house, yet connected by sign to the 4th house. When it comes to relationship astrology, the charts between two people pretty much say the full story – past present and future. There is many different techniques and charts that can be used to analyze a relationship. This will change the relationship dynamics, big time. That was the last time I took a telescope with me on vacation for dang near 30 years. After watching the Sony magic for a while, and completing the last subframes of my M15 sequence, I decided to take a break and retired inside to watch Dan’s big projection TV for a while.